Hair Drying Cap


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Product name: oil-baked cap, drying cap
Product size: cap tail 85cm diameter 39cm height 23cm
Product material: polyester fiber (polyester)
Product color: silver gray Product packaging: OPP bag

Product box size: 65x35x50cm One 300pcs
product Net weight: 60G Application
range: Dry hair, oil-baked cap

Product features: 1. The wind source does not directly touch the hair, does not damage the hair, and reduces radiation
. 2. The wind is completely concentrated on the head, no waste, and it takes less time
. 3. The head is immediately wrapped, and the head is not cold
. The function of the cap, apply the oil product after shampooing, put on the drying cap, and then heat it with a hair dryer, that is, there is no need to go to the barber shop to bake the oil, and there is no need for such a cumbersome and complicated baking procedure. It can be done easily at home

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Black, Gray, Rose Red


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