6PCS Plastic Multifunctional Lid Silicone Cover Food Caps Fresh Microwave Lids Stretch Silicone Cover for Kitchen Accessories



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[Product name] : silicone

[Product net weight] : 110g/ set

[Material] : silicone

[Product size] : 6 kinds of specifications

[Product Features] : strong flexibility, no deformation, stability, strong and durable, anti-slip, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

[Product color] : White, pink, blue

Silicone plastic wrap can be insulated, can also be fresh-keeping, widely used with glasses, ceramic cups, ceramic bowls, ceramic plates, ceramic dishes, etc., can be used repeatedly, easy to clean silicone fresh-keeping mold has the same fresh-keeping function as plastic plastic wrap, but it is better than ordinary plastic wrap.
1. Silicone cling film is made of silicone raw materials, so it does not have any toxic effect on food.
2. This product has good hand feel, high elasticity, and can be stretched to 2 times the original product.
3. This product can resist cold to -40°C, also can withstand high temperature, can be boiled in boiling water.
4. This product can also be used repeatedly, after using it once, it can be boiled in boiling water, carried out high temperature disinfection, decontamination, and then continue to use. In the current era of vigorously promoting environmental protection, silicone plastic wrap is a typical representative.

Product features:
1) The creative lid can turn the round bowl and dish at home into a fresh-keeping box, which has a good sealing effect and will not produce water leakage, oil leakage, soup leakage, etc.
2) It can be refrigerated and frozen, can be used in microwave oven, non-toxic materials, can be cleaned and used repeatedly, more environmentally friendly than plastic paper and plastic bags, and the use cost is lower. Highly flexible, suitable for bowls of different sizes.
3) Natural special silica gel, strong adsorption force, better sealing effect.
4) The use of silicone material, unique characteristics, easy to clean, high temperature and low temperature resistance, soft and comfortable, flexible and durable characteristics, replacing the traditional PE film or other materials of plastic wrap substitute!

1. Prevent food odor and breeding bacteria, used for keeping fresh and refrigerated food;
Suitable for containers of various materials, such as ceramic, melamine, glass, casserole, stainless steel, wood, etc.
2. When using, please note that containers such as bowls and dishes cannot contain sharp raw edges or broken edges to prevent scratching! Do not burn!
3. The excess food is sealed with the “preservation cover” and put in the refrigerator to keep the food tasteless, the water will not be lost, and the food is more fresh and delicious.
4. Summer watermelon, cantaloupe, after cutting, fresh-keeping lid can directly seal watermelon and cantaloupe to keep fresh.
5. The nutritious meals and rice paste that children and infants love to eat can be fed to children in batches with a creative fresh-keeping cover to keep the children’s food hygienic.
6. With this fresh-keeping cover can be reused, instead of the fresh-keeping mold, how convenient and practical health

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